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About the artist

"I have been an artist for all my life, I can't think of another state of being. Before I learned to write, I used to dictate poems to my mother. In the field of plastic arts, you could say I taught myself with expressive tools forged in the exercise of narrative. I approach mosaic (or at least I try to) from an intuitive and anthropological perspective, understanding color and forms (as if I was using sounds or words), as instruments of emotional stimulus. The choice of using this technique was not random. The use of discarded material, mosaics, glass and old dinner services, wood and concrete found in sheds and antique-stores, express the need for rescuing the matter, reinvent it and, in that process, revalue it."

Juana Guaraglia Juana Guaraglia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on december, 1961, and lives in Punta del Este since 1993.

Daughter of a surrealist poet and a renowned auctioneer, her childhood passed between bohemian gatherings with well-known authors and philosophers, and vernissages of great artists who headed the Latin-American scene of the 60s.

She studied drawing with Demetrio Urruchua, and later abandoned it and started writing. She visited a great number of museums and art collections, where she nourished with the work of plastics.

She published poetry and short stories, and wrote two novels. In February 2012 she approached the mosaic technique by attending Sara Venturino’s workshop, as an alternative to literature, but immediately became passionate about it.

She started to explore different pictorial styles and movements and the basis of art, both theoretical and empirical.

At the same time, she participated on the Spontaneous Dance seminars, directed by Dr. Elsa Stagnaro, and contributed to the translation of her work, digging into self-awareness techniques based on the work of great philosophers such as Nietzsche, Spinoza and Deleuze.

In June 2013 she visited Ravenna, Italy, the mecca of mosaic, to delve into the technique from Elisa Simoni and Daniele Strada, and studied glass and cut techniques in depth at the Brussels Vitreaux School. At her return, she joined the Art History workshop directed by Miguel Battegazzore.

In 2014, Guaraglia became part of SISMO’s Programa Internacional para Artistas del Uruguay, directed by Argentinean curator Daniel Fischer, and currently remains an active member of it, trying lighter techniques like water, watercolor and mixed media.

About the artist During the same year, she presented “Perspective – Mosaic & Words”, a series which consists on urban and outdoor landscapes, conceptually supported on the vindication of subjectivity and the importance of giving back its value to the connection with the emotional universe. This work was exhibited at Espacio Escarlata, in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, and Museo del Azulejo de Montevideo (Tile Museum of Montevideo).

In late 2014, she was awarded the First Prize in the National Mosaic Contest of Argentina.

In 2015 her work travels to Italy to participate in the International Mosaic Festival at the Ravenna Biennale.

Since February 2016 she manages and directs Espacio Mosaic in Portezuelo (Punta del Este - Uruguay) with a permanent exhibition of her work and a changing exhibition of new artists. Juana is part of the artist collective CONEXION.

Juana’s work has been acquired by art collectors from Uruguay, Brasil, United Kingdom, France and Spain.

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